10 Worst Bioware Companions In Company History

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We pick the ten worst companions across Bioware’s various games.

A new Bioware game is coming our way next month. And with it a host of new companions with new personalities we’ll spend hours upon hours getting to know. But while strong characterization is a trademark of Bioware games, there are plenty of characters that are redundant or just plain suck.

Now before this list gets started, there a few notes. No one from Knights of The Old Republic II: The Sith Lords was included because in case you’ve forgotten, Bioware didn’t work on that game. So it gets a pass. Also DLC characters were not considered because hey, they are DLC. Finally, while yes I did play Jade Empire, none of the characters stuck out to me period, so they sort of get a pass for just not being memorably good or bad.

Finally, some pretty big spoilers for Knights of the Old Republic, Dragon Age and Mass Effect series’ are contained within, so you have been warned. So with all that out of the way, here are the 10 worst Bioware companions.

Knights of The Old Republic Carth Onasi
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#10. Carth Onasi

Carth Onasi from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, almost didn’t make this list because he’s easily one of your best party members in the game. Like he’s actually probably the most powerful party member who isn’t a Jedi in the game. I have gone through KOTOR time after time and every time Carth is with me for a good majority because he’s an invaluable party member.

Unfortunately, Carth Onasi is also one of the most sad sack, wishy washy indecisive whiny characters I have met in any Bioware game to date (though not THE most, we’ll get to that person later). Late in the game, you find out that Carth’s son has become a Sith, and spending hours upon hours listening to him hem and haw about every little thing, especially if you have been leaning towards the dark side, I don’t blame his son for choosing that route one bit.

And yes, to be fair, Carth Onasi has been through a lot. He has a long history of trusting the wrong people, he’s essentially lost his family, etc. But almost everyone in Knights of the Old Republic has had a pretty rough go of things. Tends to happen when Sith are running roughshod over the galaxy. And few people on the history of Bioware games make me reach for the mute button when they start telling their sob stories like Carth Onasi.