8 Wonderful Moments From AGDQ 2017

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Warning: Don’t watch this one if you haven’t played Undertale yet! The game is best sans (heh) spoilers of any kind.

Undertale is quite an emotional ride on any day. But at the end of the last day of AGDQ 2017, after over one million dollars had been raised in one day and somewhere around $500k during the last few hours; after beating both the previous AGDQ 2015 fundraising record and breaking 2 million (with help from a donation from Toby Fox himself!), the Undertale finale perfectly put the icing on the cake of the marathon.

TGH performed an excellent run of the game complete with a nearly no-hit sans fight as a donation incentive after beating the True Pacifist ending. The viewers were so into it that not only did Undertale start trending on Twitter as TGH began his run but “Hug the Goat” trended as well in the final few minutes of the marathon as donors pushed for the obviously correct donation incentive. TGH even managed to dodge all of the credits in the final credit sequence, an incredibly difficult feat that normally unlocks a hidden secret in subsequent runs of the game.

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AGDQ 2017 was a massive success, raising over 2 million for the Prevent Cancer Foundation and showcasing speedrunning talent from all gaming genres. I’m already looking forward to SGDQ 2017, and I hope you are too after checking out some of these amazing runs! The full roster of runs can be found on the Games Done Quick YouTube channel, and I highly recommend watching any that tickle your fancy.