8 Wonderful Moments From AGDQ 2017

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OREO – Ori and the Blind Forest

Ori and the Blind Forest is an incredibly moving title, but perhaps a bit less so if you try to play the whole game backward. That’s what OREO means–Ori Reverse Event Order, meaning the six “events” shown on the in-game menu screen are activated in reverse. Accomplishing this requires not only the usual excellent platforming required of an Ori run, but also in-depth knowledge of the game map itself, some perfectly-timed jumps, and even counting EXP  to level up at certain times to bypass enemies.

Sigma’s run goes off with few hitches, and he does a great job of explaining all the intricacies of his out of bounds tricks and other feats. He must effectively traverse the entire map of the game to get all the abilities he needs without tripping the triggers for the six events he must, at the end of the run, activate backward. What was most interesting to me was how all this became possible with the recent Definitive Edition adding two new abilities to the game. Without those abilities, such a category wouldn’t exist.