8 Wonderful Moments From AGDQ 2017

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SEGA Bass Fishing

Some runners ask for a quiet and serious atmosphere during their runs, to help them focus. But Fuzzyness, during his run of SEGA Bass Fishing, pulled out all the stops for ridiculousness. That’s because SEGA Bass Fishing may be one of the silliest speedruns we’ve ever seen. It’s almost pure RNG! Sure, you have to know where to look for the fish and how to reel it in, but beyond that, it’s just parking your boat in one of several fishing spots and hoping the right fish shows up. All this to some ridiculous sound effects and visuals makes one silly run.

Fuzzyness sells his run perfectly, with tons of laughter and yelling. He knows this run is absolutely ridiculous and doesn’t care. It doesn’t matter that he gets god-awful RNG multiple times and has smaller fish steal his hook from bigger ones. As only a seven-minute run, SEGA Bass Fishing was by far one of my favorite moments of the entire marathon.