8 Wonderful Moments From AGDQ 2017

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Super Mario Sunshine race

Several of the games I included in this list are races for a good reason. Races tend to bring out the best in AGDQ, as the pressure of competition helps the atmosphere grow hot in the best way. Plus, the audience universally supports underdogs, meaning that the last one running gets the loudest cheers to cross the finish line.

Super Mario Sunshine‘s any% race between PangaeaPanda, StrongmanLin, AverageTrey, and BounceyBoy is, like the Shovel Knight race, fairly tight throughout. The biggest difference is that the game itself is not nearly as watertight (heh), meaning there are some pretty funny skips involved in getting to the end. Some involve clipping through platforms, while others exploit some insane jumps that weren’t supposed to be in the game. The best parts are the FLUDD-less platforming levels. Some of those jumps can only be completed with absolutely no room for error, and look damn impressive when done right.