10 Dead Franchises They Should Bring Back On The Nintendo Switch

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#3. Rogue Squadron

For two console generations, Star Wars was fairly synonymous with Nintendo. Both the N64 and the GameCube had the Rogue Squadron series, which allowed you to relive some of the most exciting parts of the original trilogy through the cockpit of various rebel fighter crafts. For both the N64 and GameCube, it was an amazing technical achievement at the time, and all three games remain pretty highly regarded as landmark games for their respective systems.

Now here we are, nearly fourteen years after the last entry in this series, and Star Wars as a franchise is as hot as its ever been. So why not take advantage of that fact with a new entry in the Rogue Squadron series? It could add on so many things you couldn’t do in the first trio of games. More locations, more ships, online multiplayer just to name a few of the really obvious things.

Granted, Factor 5 isn’t around anymore, but I’m sure Electronic Arts has somebody in their massive company who could handle making an excellent space combat game with the Star Wars license. Another franchise that has pretty much bit the dust in recent years. Does nobody want to fly awesome spaceships and blow up Tie-Fighters and Star Destroyers and maybe even a Death Star or two anymore? My guess is plenty of people do and if you put a new Star Wars: Rogue Squadron game on the Nintendo Switch they will show up with their wallets in sizable numbers.

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