10 Dead Franchises They Should Bring Back On The Nintendo Switch

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#5. No More Heroes

I am a huge, unabashed fan of the No More Heroes series. They were funny, insane and over the top like pretty much anything Suda 51 does. That doesn’t always work, but when it does, it’s brilliant, and both No More Heroes games were a great example of that.

Suda 51 didn’t want to make any more entries to the series on the Wii, because if he were going to do a third game, he would want one that would expand the possibilities of the franchise, which would really only be possible on a new platform. He even showed interest in developing the third game in the series for the Wii U when that system was announced, but obviously, that did not happen.

So let’s see some of those ideas Suda 51 has for a third No More Heroes game on Nintendo’s new console, the Switch. I feel like the over-the-top action sequences could benefit quite a bit being removed from the waggle of the Wii remote. But depending on the capabilities of the Switch, Suda 51 might be able to develop something wholly unique that subverts people’s expectations as well. Suda 51 likes making really weird games that are usually pretty fun, and the Switch seems like a platform that would let him do just that, especially with a franchise remembered as one of the few good ones on the Wii.

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