10 Dead Franchises They Should Bring Back On The Nintendo Switch

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#6. Space Quest

It actually seems like this is a pretty good time to revisit some classic adventure franchises. Lots of Lucas Arts classics are getting highly praised HD re-releases such as Grim Fandango and Day Of The Tentacle. And the classic Grandaddy adventure series King’s Quest got a pretty good revival this year from the Odd Gentleman. So in that spirit, it would be nice to see a return of one of my favorite heroes from that era, Roger Wilco from the Space Quest series.

The joke of Space Quest is that Roger Wilco is anything but a hero. Just an idiot space janitor with a penchant for incredibly dumb luck. The whole series is about subverting your expectations of the adventure genre and to a certain extent mocking its various tropes relentlessly. I feel like there’s a really good opportunity to bring this series back and use it to mock things like Telltale Games endless parade of meaningless choices and terrible gameplay tacked on to whatever license they can get their hands on.

This was always my favorite of the Sierra franchises, and with that brand recently resurrected with the idea of doing smaller games and classic franchises associated with the Sierra name, doing a new Space Quest game for the Nintendo Switch seems like a good opportunity to cover both those areas.

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