10 Dead Franchises They Should Bring Back On The Nintendo Switch

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#7. Jet Set Radio

The Jet Set Radio series remains one of the most stylish and fun of the last couple of decades. There aren’t a lot of colorful games these days; there are virtually none about skateboarding that don’t completely embarrass themselves, and none that make graffiti art a major part of their gameplay either.

Despite high critical reception for both titles, Sega seemed uninterested in continuing the series. The closest we got was an HD re-release in 2012, which I’m sure if it had sold well enough might’ve made a third game greenlit, but that obviously didn’t happen. Sega and Nintendo obviously have a super amicable relationship these days, so I’m sure if Nintendo cracked open their wallet and told Sega to make a new exclusive Jet Grind Radio for the Switch, it would happen.

I also feel like a company like Nintendo, which for better or worse really likes to buck trends (while playing it safe in some really weird ways mind you) and a new Jet Set Radio game would be a great fit.

The last proper game was in 2004, so a lot of stuff has happened since then that could greatly improve gameplay. Add a level editor, custom tags you can upload and share and maybe even add in some multi-player. A colorful anti-authority game series like Jet Set Radio actually couldn’t be more timely given the current state of the world.

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