10 Dead Franchises They Should Bring Back On The Nintendo Switch

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#8. Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles

Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles was actually a fantastic idea for a game. It was essentially a Final Fantasy-esque take on the Phantasy Star Online formula. You and three other friends had great adventures together in a caravan, battling monsters and saving your village by gathering material to keep a magic crystal powered for another year. The game looked gorgeous, and combat was fun.

There was just one problem. Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles was very ahead of its time, especially for the online-wary Nintendo (which let’s face it, they still pretty much are today). For anybody who wanted to join your adventure, you needed a game boy advance and a link cable. That’s right, everybody who wanted to play had to have their own portable system and a cable to link up to yours. Even in the heyday of Nintendo’s dominance of the portable market, this could be an issue.

So it’s pretty easy to imagine a follow-up where you can play at home or on the go, online or offline, with at least up to three other people. Even drop-in-drop-out co-op! If you want to get real nuts, you can throw in guest characters from either Square Enix’s lengthy roster or even Nintendo’s. The possibilities are astounding. And this would be a really unique experience only the Switch could provide, and thereby an excellent demonstration of the system’s capabilities and uniqueness.

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