10 Dead Franchises They Should Bring Back On The Nintendo Switch

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#1. Prince Of Persia

I feel like there are two sides to Ubisoft. There’s the one that develops mega-franchises such as Watch Dogs, Assassin’s Creed & The Division. But there’s also the crazy experimental side that brings out smaller yet somewhat riskier projects such as Child Of Light & Valiant Hearts. There are even games that might be considered right in the middle of that spectrum, like the latest entries in the Rayman series, Origins & Legends, which were really the first proper entries in that series since before Rayman met little white rabbit-like aliens in 2006.

I feel a new Prince Of Persia would fit right in this in-between category as well. It’s an established franchise that deserves some money behind for a new entry, but maybe not something on the scale of Watchdogs or Assassin’s Creed. And that seems like the perfect size of a project for a third-party developer to make for the Nintendo Switch.

Aside from series like Rayman and Mario, adventure platformers are pretty few and far between, and I enjoyed every recent Prince Of Persia game. To the point where when I first thought up of this list, this was the first game that sprung to my head.

There’s not necessarily anything about the Switch hardware a franchise like Prince of Persia could take advantage of to be unique, but sometimes having a title you can’t get anywhere else is enough and I for one would love to see the return of the prince and his time-controlling sands exclusively on the Nintendo Switch.

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And there are ten dead (as of now) franchises I would love to see new life breathed into on Nintendo’s newest console, the Nintendo Switch. Could any of these show up during this Thursday’s presentation? Sadly, I find that highly unlikely, but it doesn’t mean they aren’t in the works or couldn’t be soon. What franchises do you think might make a good fit for the Switch that we haven’t seen in awhile? Let us know in the comments!

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