10 Dead Franchises They Should Bring Back On The Nintendo Switch

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The Nintendo Switch could be a unique opportunity to bring some franchises back we haven’t seen in a long time.

We’re almost here guys. The Nintendo Switch will finally be unpacked this Thursday. And while we are incredibly excited to see what games might be coming to the system, we are also getting word about what games aren’t. It’s not really a surprise at this point that that big 3rd party titles such as Mass Effect Andromeda & Persona 5 will be skipping the Switch. But I feel like Nintendo’s new console presents a unique opportunity to bring back franchises we haven’t seen in forever. It would be a way for third parties to make content for The Switch without having to compromise their biggest releases.

So here are ten franchises we haven’t seen a release from in quite a few years, where there hasn’t been even the slightest hint of anything new in development for a long time that I feel might find a home on Nintendo’s newest console.

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#10. Grandia

Grandia just started off so strong. I still have the original on my Vita, and it holds up as an incredibly classic RPG. The second game set a standard for RPGs of the day that still has a hard time being matched. It had a great story, fun characters, an unbelievably great battle system, etc.

Then it all kind of came crashing down. Grandia Xtreme & Grandia III weren’t completely terrible but fell far short of the bar set by the first two games. Then we got Grandia Online, which suffered from extremely poor reception and was shut down in 2012. Despite such a classic legacy, it seems like Grandia is a franchise just completely dead in the water.

But this is why the Switch might be a great opportunity to bring this classic franchise back. RPGs, of course, are super suited to the portable console. Just look at how many RPGs are made for the 3DS and even the Vita. Something made in the classic style of Grandia but with a few modern updates that you can play on the go and at home on your TV would be great. And one thing Nintendo has lacked in spades, for at least their home consoles, has been a steady flow of quality RPGs. This actually seems like a little project a company like XSeed would be perfect for, so somebody get them on that.

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