The Nintendo 3DS Has A Lot Of Horse Games, For Some Reason


Someone on reddit made a list of all the Nintendo 3DS games that include or revolve around horses, which is probably a longer list than it should be.

For all the excellent games we’ve seen on the Nintendo 3DS, like any other system, it has a whole host of obscure, uninteresting, or just plain weird games. Such games largely find their markets in younger players, whose parents don’t really know what to buy but are enticed by lower prices. This is likely one of the major reasons that the Nintendo 3DS is home to what seems like an unusual number of games revolving around horses.

The only reason anyone should be aware of this is because of a reddit user, Excellus, who decided to compile a list of all the Nintendo 3DS games that featured horses as a prominent part of the gameplay, alongside a longer list of games that merely included them. Excellus claims the list was inspired when the user noticed how many horse-related games there were on the eShop in Germany. Apparently, many of these games look very similar to one another.

Without anything to compare it directly to, it’s hard to say whether or not this is an unconventional number of horse games. It does lead me to wonder if there are a similarly large amount of dog-focused games, or maybe cooking games. I’ve often browsed the discount rack at my local game store and bypassed piles of cheap, unsubstantial titles revolving around horses or sundry. Though, with a list that long, there’s got to be at least one really good horse title, right? I hear Pocket Card Jockey has merits.

  • Mein Westernpferd 3D
  • Horse 4 Life
  • The Whitakers presents: Milton & Friends 3D
  • Imagine: Champion Rider
  • Let’s Ride: Best in Breed
  • I Love My Horse
  • Bella Sara: Magical Horse Adventures
  • Bella Sara 2: Magic Drasilmare
  • Sternenschweif 3D: Das Geheimnis im Zauberwald
  • 2-in-1 Mein Fohlen 3D + Mein Reiterhof 3D: Rivalen im Sattel
  • Mein Reiterhof 3D: Im Galopp ins Abenteur
  • I Love My Pony
  • Mein Fohlen 3D
  • Sophies Freunde: Reit-Champion 3D
  • Mein Gestüt 3D: Ein Leben für die Pferde
  • Bibi & Tina
  • Meine Pferde-Praxis 3D
  • Riding Star 3D: Champion im Sattel
  • Pferd & Pony 2-in-1: Mein Gestüt 3D / Mein Westernpferd 3D
  • Best Friends: Mein Pferd 3D
  • Riding Stables 3D
  • Horses 3D
  • Pocket Card Jockey 3D

More from 3DS

I won’t repost the list of games containing horses here as it’s much longer, but it does include gems such as Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted (it contains a zebra, which is apparently close enough), Petz Fantasy 3D (which weirdly doesn’t include horses, just unicorns, which also qualify) and Animal Crossing: New Leaf, in which several of your neighbors are horses. All the 3DS Pokemon games are also included due to Pokemon like Ponyta, Rapidash, and Mudsdale.

We’re hearing more details about the Nintendo Switch this week, and already have confirmation of at least one game with a horse in it. Is the horse epidemic spreading to the portable console, too? Will I Love My Pony get a shining sequel on the Nintendo Switch? Or perhaps a port of everyone’s favorite horse game…

Yeah, nevermind. I’ll stick to charming my horse neighbors in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, thank you very much.