2016 Gaming Awards – App Trigger Superlatives Edition

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2016 Gaming Awards – Studio of the Year – Blizzard

2016 was a big year for Blizzard. World of Warcraft received an overdue expansion with Legion, which answered the problems many people had with the game at its then-current state. Overwatch was released, catching the core gaming community’s attention all year. Diablo III received some 20th-anniversary content, as well as a new character in the Necromancer and Diablo-style rifts down to the art style.

Concerning Overwatch, Blizzard paid as much attention to the community as possible, sharing love and admiration for their support with plenty of videos, comics, demos, and more. For every controversial “Tracer pose,” there’s an equal and opposite “Tracer kiss” for the holidays. As Halloween, Christmas, and the Rio Olympics came and went, Blizzard stepped up and made a show of things.

Blizzard wants to show love for their community, and the best way they have done that is with creating excellent gaming products year in and year out. With several strong releases in 2016, an outpouring of content, and an undying love for their fans, Blizzard wins our Studio of the Year award.

Runner-up: The Pokemon Company20th Anniversary-related events, game releases, community support.