2016 Gaming Awards – App Trigger Superlatives Edition

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2016 Gaming Awards – The Warner Bros Annual Bad PC Port Award – Dishonored 2

Seriously, Bethesda? Doom didn’t encounter these optimization problems. Dishonored wasn’t struggling to hit 60fps on the equivalent of a GTX 1080 graphics card of its release window. Yet, Dishonored 2 is a technical mess at launch and continues to represent the game at its absolute worst across all platforms to this day.

Even if you’re SLI-linking dual GTX Titans, an enthusiast i7, and using all the RAM in the world, you’re still going to encounter hitching and frame pacing issues. When you’re trying to remain as stealthy as possible, any sudden jitters in the action or your character reacting against your input breaks the immersion. When repeated often enough, it really takes you out of the action.

As of this point, I would recommend not getting into Dishonored 2 on PC until these problems have been fixed. Take into account whether or not DLC will be prioritized over fixing a broken game. The PC is one of the greatest platforms for gaming, but if we don’t speak up when people try to let sloppy efforts pass as a standard, it will become a new standard.

Runner-up: Mafia III, generally unoptimized, gameplay bugs.