2016 Gaming Awards – App Trigger Superlatives Edition

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2016 Gaming Awards – “Muh Feels” Award – Firewatch

Armed with a walkie-talkie, climbing gear, and a fresh attitude facing the wilderness, Firewatch is as much a game about the perspective of stepping into a fictional character’s shoes than it is about a sinister entity out to get you. It’s about the love and compassion one can muster for a person they’ve never even met.

The convictions for why Harry is out in the Wyoming wilderness in the first place play a huge part into the emotional toll the story takes on the player. Yet, it’s the turmoil unburdened by the communication the player has with Delilah that works so beautifully, with two voice acting talents carrying most of an entire game on their backs.

It’s hard to describe exactly why Firewatch is an emotional rollercoaster without going into details about the story, Henry and Delilah as national park enforcement, and the challenges that present them that late 80’s summer. However, I would be remiss not to recognize this game’s immensely effective ability to tug at your heartstrings.

Runner-up: The Walking Dead: A New Frontier, “Ties That Bind”