2016 Gaming Awards – App Trigger Superlatives Edition

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2016 Gaming Awards – Best Soft Shreds – Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst OST

The idea of “soft shreds” comes from artist「MYRONE」, incorporating a synth-rock aesthetic that goes heavy on the electric guitar overtop. However, last year we featured his music from the upcoming game, Drift Stage, with the hopes it would be released in 2016. As that is not the case, “Soft Shreds” this year will incorporate the ideals that take the best combination of electronica and rock in gaming.

Although it had a flawed gameplay structure in its design, the soundtrack for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is supreme in its five-hour composition. With a soundtrack that encompasses the entire game’s action, including cutscenes and downtime, takes an incredible depth of composition, something that artist Solar Fields excels at for the second time in a Mirror’s Edge game.

An entire soundtrack can’t be as banging as its peak climaxes, and Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is as ambient in its chill approach to reflect that. Yet, it rises to match the enigmatic action scenes as necessary, keeping up to the fast-paced action the fastest players would create.

While EA may have dropped the ball by trying to do too much with the gameplay, the soundtrack for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst does everything exactly right.

Runner-up: Drift Stage, additional released tracks. (Game hasn’t been released yet)