10 Most Addicting Video Games of 2016

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Civilization VI
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3. Civilization VI

Sid Meier’s Civilization franchise has always been notoriously addictive. Just browsing the internet you will see memes left and right referring to late nights spent glued to the turn-based strategy game. And the latest entry in the series, Civilization VI, is just as addictive (surprising absolutely no one). Like its predecessors, the game has a strategic depth to it that will have you constantly thinking and planning out your next move. If you are looking to play this game, make sure your entire afternoon is free.

There are just so many different things that can happen and choices you can make throughout the course of a Civilization VI game. This is a huge part of what makes Civilization so addicting: you can play hundreds upon hundreds of games and they will all be unique. Plus, the game’s AI has its own unique personality that makes every game all the more enjoyable. For example, Cleopatra prefers to ally with other warmongering countries. And then there is Ghandi, who despite being a “Peacekeeper” is also “Nuke Happy”, continuing the long-lasting Nuclear Ghandi meme.

When a game spawns memes like Civilization does, you know the game is doing something worth talking about. In this case, keeping players up until the crack of dawn trying to deal with passive aggressive Ghandi while winning via the ever-so-popular Science Victory. Worth every hour.