10 Most Addicting Video Games of 2016

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Final Fantasy XV
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7. Final Fantasy XV

We waited a LONG time for Square Enix to finish Final Fantasy XV. And while it’s nothing like the Final Fantasy games of old, this open-world action adventure JRPG is mesmerizing. Players control Noctis on his journey across the world of Eos with his three best friends in what Conan dubbed “Middle-Earth Entourage.”

Like most open-world games, the world is expansive with unholy amounts of different things to do. Everything from fishing, camping, playing arcade games, cooking and crafting are all possible. Hell, you can even just drive you car around listening to soundtracks from previous Final Fantasy games. The number of side quests are insane, with players spending hours upon hours before even finishing the first chapter of the main story. The combat is satisfying as well, and with creatures and bosses spread out across the world, you will always find something to fight.

Final Fantasy XV might not be exactly what fans of the series were hoping for. But it’s still one of the most enticing open-world games of 2016 that can easily suck up your time like there’s no tomorrow.