10 Most Addicting Video Games of 2016

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There’s always those games that know exactly how to suck you in to the point of obsession. We take a look at 2016 ‘s most addicting video games that will keep you glued to your screen for hours on end.

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One great thing about video games as an entertainment form is the variety of genres, lengths, and play styles. Some games are best played for a few hours with friends. Others are meant as ways to pass the time when you’re waiting around. Some games, though, some games can really suck you in. These games know how to take advantage of humanity’s natural desire for completion, achievement, and progression. These addicting video games have this magnetic ability to draw you in for hours upon hours, no matter what time it is or where you are or what responsibilities you’re ignoring.

Most gamers have experienced games like this at least once in their life. Those games that make you say “just one more” match or turn, even though it’s two in the morning. Or those multiplayer games where you can’t stop playing when you’re on a win streak but you can’t end on a loss. Year after year new games are released that truly know how to suck you in, and 2016 was no exception. Let’s take a look at our take on 2016’s ten most addicting video games.

the division
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10. Tom Clancy’s The Division

2016 was filled to the brim with shooters of all types, including Ubisoft’s The Division. This third-person, open-world shooter combines RPG elements with collaborative and PvP online multiplayer. Set in the new future, New York City has been overrun by a smallpox pandemic and players work as members of “The Division” to investigate and rebuild the city. The detailed in-game recreation of NYC is enough to draw players in just to explore.

Although branded as an online shooter,The Division is really a loot-driven role-playing game more than anything. The game features a main campaign storyline, but in between these story missions are numerous side quests to level up your character, gain new weapons, and explore the world. The campaign alone can take upwards of thirty hours to complete with all the loot management, collectibles, and exploration there is to do throughout the open-world of NYC. And the end-game content features more of the same loot grinding against tougher enemies. Don’t forget PvP in the Dark Zone where you can put those powerful new weapons to the test against other players.

While The Division is not without its balancing issues and gameplay hiccups, the game nevertheless hooked people in. The gameplay loop is nothing we haven’t seen before: kill enemies, get shiny new weapons, rise and repeat. But that type of gameplay also feeds our addictive nature for completion and collecting.