10 Household Items That Should Be Pokemon

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A Plate of Food

Even though we’ve already had plenty of apparently edible Pokemon like Cherrim and Bounsweet, I think it’s pretty darn obvious why this one’s never going to happen. But humor me, for a bit, and imagine a Plate of Food Pokemon that changed types based on the region it was in. For example, if in a desert, it would take on the form of a plate of spicy food along with the Fire-type. Atop Mount Lanakila, it would be a bowl of delicious ice cream, and the Ice-type, and so on. It would learn “breath” attacks like Dragon Breath and Frost Breath, as well as anything a plate of food can do like Scald, Egg Bomb, Milk Drink, and Toxic.

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Ambitious? Far too much, I know, I just can’t help but read the description of Pokemon like Bounsweet and wonder how far Game Freak is willing to take things when it comes to edible Pokemon. Alola, more than any game before, revealed the Pokemon world to be similar to the animal kingdom in its frequent savagery and mercilessness. While the kid-friendly nature may keep that from spreading to the human world, biology certainly wouldn’t.