10 Household Items That Should Be Pokemon

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A Gaming Console

Brace yourself, folks, I’m getting meta. Ever since Rotom opened wide the doors to household appliances joining the ranks of Pokemon, I’ve been waiting for things just to get crazy and a video game console to appear on the roster. Just imagine it. You walk through an empty house. You see the Wii U flickering. You think back wistfully on the days when Switch rumors roamed freely, and you had played all the good games on the Wii U months ago and wished Nintendo would just get on with it already. Suddenly, the screen lights up, and a Pokemon rushes to attack you! What? Is it the console itself? Shooting discs and busting out Electric-type moves? We’re all doomed.

That’s about all I’ve got for this one beyond giving it a basic line-up of Electric-type attacks. Of course, in my fantasy world, it knows all of these ridiculous moves based on classic Nintendo games, but that’s all far too much to implement just for one silly Pokemon. I’ll just have to keep my hopes up that Rotom will one day possess the main character’s Wii U. The Ghost-type Pokemon’s appearance in the console will at least finally mark the poor Wii U as dead.