10 Household Items That Should Be Pokemon

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Pack of Playing Cards

Speaking of Metronome, I love how random that move is. What about a Pokemon who only learns moves that are based on random chance? It’d need to be a Normal-type Pokemon, but it could take moves like Magnitude, Present, and Metronome, and perhaps moves with very low accuracy but high power, so you’d never know if you’d get a hit or not. Its ability could be something to the tune of “Raising the Odds” where it increases accuracy under certain conditions. Or, perhaps with something like “Shuffling the Deck,” each turn a different card would be out front and the Pokemon would have different stats, but there’d be no way to control it. See? Pure RNG!

So, not competitively viable in any way, or even practical, but a lot of fun to mess with. Although, I’m pretty sure they changed the Gambler characters in the original Pokemon Red and Blue to something else and had repeatedly censored certain types of activity in the Game Corner, so maybe a Pokemon based on gambling isn’t the best idea. I’m sure Game Freak could find some way to kid-friendly it all up! Maybe we’re all just playing a big game of Go Fish.