10 Household Items That Should Be Pokemon

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Stuffed Animal

My stuffed animal Pokemon (what? The name Stufful is already taken?) would be a Ghost/Normal-type, a stuffed creature haunted by a ghost. That’s it! But it wouldn’t be creepy, no no. Most ghosts are creepy, and while Mimikyu gave us all a lonely, lovable soul to fawn over, its entrance in the Thrifty Mart was creepy as all get-out. No, this is just a ghost who wants to be your buddy, so it possesses very cute stuffed animals (only the cutest, maybe like a Substitute Doll!) and becomes a Pokemon partner to young children, protecting them from harm.

Even though it would be a ghost, it wouldn’t learn any creepy moves. Only things like Lick and Astonish and Trick or Treat. It could pick up some moves more akin to the cute fairies, like Metronome, and (of course!) the move Substitute, which I guess would just let it possess a different stuffed animal or something. Can you imagine this Pokemon coming in different visual varieties, with several different stuffed Pokemon appearances? Pure. Cute.