10 Household Items That Should Be Pokemon

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A Flower Pot

This is another Pokemon I’m amazed we haven’t seen yet because it just makes so much logical sense. The Flower Pot Pokemon, for whom I have yet to come up with a genius and witty name, would be structured a bit like Diglet and Dugtrio as a pure Grass-type, two-tiered evolution. The first would have a single flower growing in a flower pot. Potentially the flower could have a face and be the Pokemon, but I can also see arguments for making the flower pot itself the Pokemon. It could have arms and could travel the Pokemon world, gathering seeds to plant in itself to increase its power. The second evolution, either way, would have tons of flowers popping out of the top of the flower pot, increasing its already potent “flower power.” Did this get a little bit terrifying at some point?

Magical Leaf, Petal Dance, and Seed Bomb all seem like logical attacks for such a strange little grass-type, and Flower Veil is the perfect ability for it. I’m not saying Flower Pot Pokemon is going to take the battle scene by storm with its unique powers, but every generation needs a plain Grass-type with few surprises. Why not a nightmarish flower pot?