10 Household Items That Should Be Pokemon

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Since the last Pokemon has me thinking about curling up with a book, what about a Pokemon that makes you nice, hot tea to go with your book? It could take on the appearance of a small fairy with tea leaves growing from its head or back. There could be different varieties (heh, “varieteas”), each with a different type of tea plant growing from it, and they could harvest their own leaves and carry around steaming cups of tea for those they liked and trusted.

I’m torn as to what type this Pokemon should be. Any combination of Fairy, Water, Grass, or Fire would work in an interesting way. My inclination is to drift toward Fire/Water simply because the only one of those we have so far is a legendary no one really knows about, although that typing presents its own problems. It lends itself immediately to moves like Scald and Steam Eruption (which it totally should steal from Volcanion), but there aren’t as many Fire-type moves that would make sense for it. Grass-type abilities like Razor Leaf and Aromatherapy follow much more logically from this Pokemon. I would also like to see it boast healing moves like Aqua Ring or Floral Healing, paying tribute to its caring and soothing nature.