10 Household Items That Should Be Pokemon

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I propose an infinitely better Steel/Fairy type than lame old Magearna. Some silverware! It can start off as a simple fork, evolve to include a spoon, and then throw a knife into the mix as a final form. I also propose dressing the flatware up in top hats, bow-ties, and lovely fancy dresses, getting progressively fancier with each evolution to emphasize the fairy type. That way, we can justify naming the base form of this Pokemon “Cutler”…you know, like “Butler” and “Cutlery”?

This trio would probably learn a lot of “cutting” moves, like False Swipe, Cut, Slash, and so on, along with the usual Steel-type regalia such as Metal Claw. Most of the Steel-type moves currently in play are oddly specific to animalesque Pokemon with wings and claws and tails, so I would propose at least one new, appropriate move to go to Cutler and Co. Of course, a well-polished piece of flatware shines bright enough to pull off Fairy-type abilities such as Dazzling Gleam and Moonlight, too!