10 Household Items That Should Be Pokemon

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Even though Pokemon Sun and Moon just came out, we’re already looking ahead at what weird new Pokemon ideas might manifest in upcoming generations.

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Inanimate objects as Pokemon have been a thing since Generation 1, even if certain die-hards refuse to admit that classics such as an exploding ball, a rock with fists, and a pile of eggs are just as absurd as the later-added garbage bag and ice cream cone. As well as Alola did when it came to adding new and unique species, it’s still rather obvious that Game Freak is being forced to grow ever more specific when choosing animal and plant representations in the Pokemon world. Meanwhile, the catalog of inanimate objects has its doors open wide, full of possibility.

To help Game Freak in their future endeavors, I have compiled ten ordinary objects that would make excellent Pokemon in future generations, including possible typings, moves, abilities, and suggested names. I expect Game Freak to take all of my suggestions because they are unquestionably brilliant and better than yet another Flower With Legs or Small Bird In Starting Area or Electric Rodent Pikachu Clone.

Here we are, beginning with a rather festive idea:

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A Christmas Present

How very seasonal (you might say)! Why yes, thank you, the Christmas present Pokemon shall do what Delibird did not in providing a wonderful holiday creature to delight and dazzle. My actual idea here was originally for a more traditional mimic, but since the Pokemon world is a bit short on treasure chests, a seasonal gift is more to the proper tune. It could learn Delibird’s signature move, Present, as well as other moves like Stockpile (and its associated Swallow or Spit Up), or perhaps it could focus around held items, flinging its contents at its opponent and stealing more to use later.

While an Ice-type would make sense with the Christmas theme, I’d suggest duel-typing with Normal, as there aren’t many Ice-based moves that would make sense for such a Pokemon…maybe Powder Snow? Or Sheer Cold? As for ability, how about Snow Warning, since we’re going with the Ice/Normal typing anyway? This Pokemon will be dreaming of a white Christmas all year ’round.

As for the name…let’s call this deceptive surprise “Regift.”