10 Budget Gifts For Your Significant PC Gamer

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Cloud Backup Subscription

On the topic of storage space, every computer user (gamer or not) should always backup their files. Disk failures are unfortunately still a relatively common occurrence that can completely brick your HDD or SDD and cause complete data loss. Nothing is worse than having all of your game saves, pictures, videos, and documents completely lost. While a few Steam games now support Steam Cloud saving, that functionality is limited to that distribution platform.

Lucky for us, subscriptions to select cloud storage services won’t completely break the bank. Dropbox, iCloud, and Google Drive all offer 1 TB of storage for $9.99 per month. Box offers 100Gb for $5/month or unlimited storage for $15/month. iDrive, which specializes in synced backups, offers 1TB for only $14.48 the first year.

At the very least PC user should be backing up to a physical external drive every so often. So make sure to hook up your special PC user this holiday and prevent a file loss disaster!