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KINGMAS USB Foot Controller
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USB Foot Controller

Speaking of USB controllers, another PC accessory that I personally have come to really appreciate is a USB foot pedal controller. As ridiculous as the idea might sound it actually is one of the most useful controllers I have ever owned, so hear me out. When playing multiplayer titles, communication over a VoIP program like Discord or Mumble is common. These voice chat programs have options to set a push-to-talk hotkey. Depending on the game, I find it somewhat annoying to have to hold down a button to talk while also still playing the game. So why not also take advantage of your feet?

Using a USB foot controller, you can map the pedals to customizable key combinations. This pedal can then be setup as your push-to-talk key, simplifying the actions your hands have to handle while playing games. You can get controllers with all sorts of different pedals, with one and three being the most cost-effective.