8 Best Changes In Animal Crossing New Leaf’s Update

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Sharing Screenshots

Did you know you can share screenshots and photos taken from the 3DS to social media directly? I didn’t. It’s not nearly as obvious a feature on the 3DS as it is on, say, the PS4 or literally anything non-Nintendo. Animal Crossing: New Leaf seems to be trying to fix that by adding a new button to the bottom screen, allowing you to access the sharing feature directly from the game without ending your session.

Just snap a photo by pressing L + R simultaneously in-game, then tap the little orange button on your touchscreen, and you can share all your happy villager photos to Facebook or Twitter. It makes sharing goofy pictures of Beardo dancing or Pate’s weird fashion choices with all your friends that much faster, easier, and higher-quality. Hopefully, this feature persists to all games on the Nintendo NX!