8 Best Changes In Animal Crossing New Leaf’s Update

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Ease of Home Decorating

When you visit Nook’s Homes after the update, he’ll offer you a new upgrade option–a Storage Room. The Storage Room isn’t an actual room in your house. Rather, it’s a massive closet space: four categories with nine boxes in each, and that’s in addition to the closet space you already have. Furthermore, it can be accessed from absolutely anywhere. It’s only a 158,000 Bell loan, too, so it’ll be repaid quickly, and you can move on to other upgrades.

If you have the Storage Room built, return to Nook’s Homes and Lottie from Happy Home Designer will be there. Speaking to her will unlock the ability to redecorate your house using the touch screen, just like in Happy Home Designer. It’s ten times faster than shoving objects across the floor and awkwardly running them into one another, and when combined with the Storage Room makes designing a dream house a breeze. Get decorating!