8 Best Changes In Animal Crossing New Leaf’s Update

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animal crossing new leaf
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New Furniture

I know it sounds trite, but holy cow there’s a lot of new furniture in this update–stuff I didn’t even know I needed! Daily visitors to the RV park have brand new furniture you can order, and every amiibo brings a pile of new stuff too, including adorable little 3DSes, wallpapers, and other decorative items. Then there are the items at Harvey’s store, which range from bags of garbage to stalks of corn to beautiful pots of flowers to porch swings.

Finally, if you’re running out of space to put things in your house, don’t fret. Your options for stacking items are greater than ever. You can now put small items on other open pieces of furniture that you couldn’t before, things like chests. You can also actually sit on floor cushions, and hang T-shirts up on the wall. Experiment with your furniture placement if that’s your jam and check out all the new things you can do. And while you’re at it, redesigning is easier than ever.