How To Get The Junimo Plush In Stardew Valley

Credit: ConcernedApe
Credit: ConcernedApe /

Stardew Valley’s latest update included one new secret–a hidden Junimo Plush item only available at a certain time and day.

For those who wanted more secrets and easter eggs with Stardew Valley’s 1.1 update, I’m sorry to say there’s little to be found so far. Though the weird statues have now been given legitimacy by additional lost books that clue you into how to obtain them, there’s only one other new secret in-game: the Junimo Plush.

The Junimo Plush is a furniture item that can be placed in your house just like any other. It was found in the new version of the game as part of a collaborative datamining and hunting effort by Steam users dino_inc and DIG NameleSS1. It can only be found in a certain location at a very, very specific day and time.

First, check the screenshot:

stardew valley
Credit: ConcernedApe /

The Junimo Plush can only be found in that bush to the north of the playground in the northwestern area of Pelican Town. You’ll have to be there at exactly 12:00pm on the 28th day of a season. Thus far, it’s been confirmed that the plush will appear in both Spring and Fall, with unconfirmed reports of it also appearing in Winter. It’s likely it’s there in all four seasons, but if it doesn’t appear for you in Summer or Winter, that’s likely the reason.

Just examine the bush at exactly 12:00pm on the 28th, and you’ll acquire the plush. That’s all there is to it!

While I’m disappointed in no explanation for anomalies like ??PinkyLemon??, this is a cute little Easter Egg for Junimo-lovers, and it goes along perfectly with some of the endgame content (but I won’t spoil that here). Now I’m just crossing my fingers for a real-life, official Stardew Valley Junimo plush!

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And finally, okay, I lied. There’s one more secret. Try holding onto Mayor Lewis’s shorts when you get them from Marnie’s room for the quest. Put them in your grange display at the Fair in the fall. Just trust me. It’s worth it.