Stardew Valley Marriage Candidates, Ranked

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10 – Emily

Emily is one of the two newest marriage candidates added with 1.1, and while her scenes are certainly…interesting…they may not have lived up to the hype fans had for them. Hardly any of Emily’s courting scenes have anything to do with the player at all, which makes their sudden intimacy in the final heart event rather surprising. While the player has learned a lot about Emily, their character has not, and what they have learned feels disconnected, unlike other character stories which seem to have an arc.

That said, Emily is still an adorably weird mystic universal energy camper, who will be infallibly sweet to you both before and after marriage. She continues her interests in fashion and sewing, giving her an edge over the spouses that effectively become unemployed and bored when they get married. My only other regret is that kids with her use the standard models and don’t end up with bright blue hair.