Stardew Valley Marriage Candidates, Ranked

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11 – Haley

While I understand that Haley undergoes a transformation if you bother to get to know her, she’s the other end of the spectrum from Sam–so initially unwelcoming and rude that it’s really hard to overcome that and end up in a relationship with her. It’s also hard to see where the relationship even comes from, as most of her scenes involve you either doing chores for her or helping her with Life Skills 101.

Haley is frivolous and shallow when you first meet her, judging you on your clothing and lamenting life in the valley. At some point, she recants this and finds a new love in photography and helping those around her, but it’s difficult to see where exactly this comes from. The Haley you end up marrying is sweet enough, but I found her story arc to be one of the least enjoyable ones to pursue.