The 15 Best GameCube Games Of All Time

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#10 – Pikmin

Pikmin made its glorious debut on the Nintendo GameCube, spawned a sequel within the console’s life cycle, and a third on the Wii U years later. It’s such a novel take on the RTS genre that we can’t help but love Captain Olimar and his army of little plant creatures. In Pikmin, Olimar is stranded on a strange planet and must use the Pikmin he recruits to obtain the pieces of his ship so he can get home. Pikmin and Olimar are very small in a very large world, so many Pikmin are required to conquer what would otherwise seem like simple obstacles–aka grass, rocks, small holes.

The strategy in Pikmin comes both from the Pikmin’s colors which allow them to use different abilities/counter different obstacles, and the timed aspect of the game. You must be back in your base by nightfall with your Pikmin, or else the monsters that only come out at night will devour them. Since Olimar only has 30 days on the planet before his life support runs out, you’ll need to use those daylight hours very wisely in order to escape the planet before your time is up.

Novel, adorable, and memorable, Pikmin carved a place in Nintendo fans’ hearts with its debut on the GameCube and has since become one of the company’s staple series.

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