The 50 Best RPGs Of All Time

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1 – Chrono Trigger

Developer: Square

Initial Release Date: August 22, 1995

Why it’s the best RPG: Here, you made it to the end of the list. Listen to the best video game music track ever while you read this last bit:

I like to reassure people that my love for Chrono Trigger is beyond rose-colored classes–I played the game as a DS remake initially, and it’s still my favorite RPG, and favorite game, of all time. Silent protagonist Crono’s innocent trip to the Millennial Fair is interrupted when he encounters the rebel princess Marle. A mishap with his friend Lucca’s time machine sends them on a time-traveling adventure where they uncover a horrendous space parasite named Lavos that will destroy their world in a later era. Using their time traveling powers, the party must find a way to stop the creature and ensure the future of their world. You’ll gain a cast of seven equally interesting characters, each of whom gets their own sidequest in the late game to flesh out their stories and endear them even more to the player than the main story already accomplishes.

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Chrono Trigger includes a whopping thirteen unique endings (with an absolutely perfect “true ending”) depending on when and how you defeat the final boss, who becomes available at a certain point in the game and can also be fought from the game’s start in New Game+. Mixing light-hearted spirit with hard-hitting themes of hope and humanity, Chrono Trigger will have you alternately laughing and crying as you join Crono and friends on their time traveling adventures.

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