The 50 Best RPGs Of All Time

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9 – Dragon Age: Inquisition

Developer: BioWare

Initial Release Date: November 18, 2014

Why it’s one of the best RPGs: In 2015, we were blessed with The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt as sprawling, large-scale RPG game of the year. In 2014, it was Dragon Age: Inquisition, BioWare’s answer to its struggles to create a new Dragon Age game that met the desires of their fans while pushing the series to new heights. Your goal as an Inquisitor is to oppose the darkspawn Corypheus and close the Breach he has opened, saving your world of Thedas in the process. Along the way, you’ll assemble your Inquisition, make decisions that shape the world around you, and grow into your own as an Inquisitor in whichever one of the game’s three classes you selected. Though not an open world game, Dragon Age: Inquisition’s universe should be more than large enough to satisfy all your exploration needs. It’s the entire world of Origins, plus several brand new areas.

Inquisition’s combat relies on the party system, forcing players to work together with their comrades and use strategy to take control of different characters and assign them appropriate actions. In between battles, you’ll have plenty of time to cozy up to your fellow Inquisitors via the game’s in-depth romance systems, or increase your influence over Thedas by taking control of more areas. You’ll have plenty to do before you finally face down Corypheus, and with the drastic improvements to the Dragon Age formula since Origins, you’re likely to enjoy every second of it.

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