The 50 Best RPGs Of All Time

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28 – Chrono Cross

Developer: Square

Initial Release Date: August 15, 2000

Why it’s one of the best RPGs: It’s too bad that Chrono Cross is constantly viewed in light of its amazing predecessor, Chrono Trigger. Cross is a weird combination of sequel/alternate reality/in-universe title that nods to its parentage in story and sound but goes far off the beaten path in other ways. It’s a really good game! Just, you know, not as good as Trigger.

In Chrono Cross, you play as Serge, who apparently died in an alternate timeline that he suddenly finds himself in. Accompanied by the feisty Kid and 43 other party members recruitable throughout the game, the two pursue the legendary Frozen Flame and travel back and forth between the two alternate realities as they face opposition from the cat-like Lynx. It’s a trippy story about time, dreams, gods, memories, and humanity constantly causing its own demise. Yet, the complex story is worth unraveling. Amidst the lovely El Nido archipelago with its fabulous music by Yasunori Matsuda, you’ll meet old friends from Chrono Trigger and make plenty of new ones as you, with Serge, struggle to subvert FATE…and fate.

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