The 50 Best RPGs Of All Time

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40 – Deus Ex

Developer: Ion Storm

Initial Release Date: June 17, 2000

Why it’s one of the best RPGs: Deus Ex is yet another wonderful example of an RPG that borrows liberally from other genres and does so well. It’s an action RPG with stealth aspects, allowing for multiple ways to complete the missions you’re given. You can sneak around, or kill all your enemies, or use certain combat tactics to accomplish your goals.

The main character, JC Denton, is a human augmented by nanotechnology to possess superhuman powers. As the world slowly descends into chaos due to a plague, conspiracy, and war, Denton (an anti-terrorist agent) must navigate the complex world to salvage as much of it as he can with what power he has.

Deus Ex offers a branching narrative, an immersive world (especially for its time), and an interesting commentary on the interactions between humans and technology. Deus Ex’s sci-fi, futuristic setting is the perfect playground for such discussion, especially since it takes place in a future where the conspiracy theories are all true. Its sequels are all pretty stellar, too.

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