10 Best Free Relaxing Mobile Games Right Now

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Credit: IDLE Idea Factory
Credit: IDLE Idea Factory /

5 – AbyssRium

Developer: IDLE Idea Factory

Why it’s one of the most relaxing mobile games: I stumbled upon the beauty that is AbyssRium only recently, though it is a newer title. AbyssRium is a clicker game, but one where you can get away with minimal clicking. A lonely rock sits in the middle of an oceanic abyss. It wants friends. By tapping the rock, you gain vitality that you can spend to grow corals and create fish, eventually resulting in your own lovely little coral reef that will grow bigger and bigger, with more and more adorable critters.

After the initial startup, you don’t need to click ever unless you really want the next upgrade quickly. It’s a game you can check into once or twice a day, grow the reef a bit, enjoy the beautiful fish, and go back to your regular life. The music is lovely, oceanic and soothing, and the rock gets so very happy as it makes all these new friends you create for it! AbyssRium is your own personal happiness aquarium, and the perfect game to wind down with at the end of the day.

AbyssRium is available on the App Store and Google Play.

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