10 Best Free Relaxing Mobile Games Right Now

Credit: Noodlecake Studios
Credit: Noodlecake Studios /
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8 – Green the Planet

Developer: OBOKAIDEM

Why it’s one of the most relaxing mobile games: The galaxy is full of barren, rocky worlds inhospitable to life. As a little, greening alien, your job is to change that. You travel from planet to planet, collecting fallen meteors and using the resources you collect to “green” the planet. As you pour in more resources, the planet becomes more hospitable.

Apart from swiping to collect fallen resources and then putting them into greening the place, there’s not much else you have to do. You can spend resources on a better laser to shoot down space rocks for more resources, or on an auto-collector to grab them for you. But otherwise, it’s just you, pixelated aliens, the void of space, and an endless meteor shower as you slowly improve a desolate rock in the middle of the universe. Green the Planet offers a sense of peace and accomplishment within these bounds.

Green the Planet is available on the App Store and Google Play.

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