10 Best Free Relaxing Mobile Games Right Now

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Credit: Buzz Monkey Software
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9 – Fluid Monkey

Developer: Buzz Monkey Software

Why it’s one of the most relaxing mobile games: In contrast to Stack, which boasts somewhat challenging gameplay, Fluid Monkey is less a game and more of an interactive screensaver. The screen takes on the properties of a liquid that you can tap to create ripples and add flecks of color. You can change the colors, add colored balls, and play with the density and friction of the liquid to get different effects, like oil or paint. With some attention and experimentation, you can come up with some pretty fascinating images.

There’s no goal or puzzle or purpose. It’s just fun to tap your screen and play around with color, light, and shape. Fluid Monkey is a lovely idle distraction for when you’re trying to fall asleep or waiting for a bus. It doesn’t require much brain power, and you can turn it off at any time without feeling there’s something left undone.

Fluid Monkey is available on Google Play.

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