10 Best Free Relaxing Mobile Games Right Now

Credit: Noodlecake Studios
Credit: Noodlecake Studios /
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Need to wind down after a long day? Taking a moment to breathe while still at work? These relaxing mobile games will offer the calm pause you need.

Credit: Noodlecake Studios
Credit: Noodlecake Studios /

Not all mobile games have the brow-wrinkling, active play of Candy Crush. Nor do they all require the strategic planning of Clash of Clans, the table flipping salt of Hearthstone, or the mile hikes of Pokemon GO. Sometimes, you just need something to pull up on your phone for a momentary breath of fresh air before that tough meeting or long presentation. Fortunately, the mobile stores deliver.

In the last several months, I’ve explored Google Play’s offerings for free, relaxing mobile games that are all chill. I specifically looked for games with low-effort gameplay, relaxing visuals, and soothing music tracks, though not all of these games have all three. Some of them are already popular and well-known, while others are indie titles just breaking out.

If you need a breath of fresh air, and all you have is your phone, consider checking out any of the following ten titles on Google Play (or, in most cases, the App Store). You’ll feel better.

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