5 SNES Games The New Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console Needs

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chrono trigger
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Chrono Trigger

I swear this won’t be a list of all the SNES RPGs, but the New Nintendo 3DS definitely deserve the best games from the platform in sequential order. Chrono Trigger brought forth a myriad of gameplay innovations with its combat system, including teaming up with other members to produce a number of unique attacks that couldn’t be replicated with magic or items.

Furthermore, the time-travelling story in the quest to defeat Lavos and save the world was refreshing in the world of SNES RPG narratives. It meant going backward and forward into time, taking everything about time travel and the inevitability of time into account. The focus on a tight playable cast of six or seven allowed Square to explore what makes each character click, reflecting on themselves inside and out of their respective eras of time.

Finally, Chrono Trigger used the very best of the hardware at their disposal to create a wonderful soundtrack and unparalleled visuals (for the time). A world that offers the appearance of wonder and tranquility with Zeal and the hopelessness and despair of The Keeper’s Dome represents the second best of the medium on SNES.

It made its way to the Nintendo DS, so a port of that version over to the New Nintendo 3DS would be a perfect transition.

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