5 SNES Games The New Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console Needs

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Final Fantasy VI
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Final Fantasy VI

I’ve made the argument countless times before, but it bears repeating: Final Fantasy VI is the greatest game in the series. Not only does it have the perfect cast, each with their own identifiable aspirations and stories within the grander scheme of things, but it provides one of the greatest video game villains, soundtracks, and gameplay in the history of the medium.

Square Enix and Nintendo have had a little bit of a falling out in the recent past, dropping most of their support for the Wii U and focusing strictly on the Nintendo 3DS. Final Fantasy VI made its way to previous Nintendo devices, namely the Game Boy Advance (with excellent extra content and a terrible sound chip) and the Wii virtual console. The game is also currently available on the Wii U virtual console, but only in Japan.

With confirmation that Dragon Quest X is headed to the Nintendo NX, it’s only fair for Square Enix to show their faith in Nintendo by allowing the release of the SNES Final Fantasy VI on the New Nintendo 3DS virtual console. It’s arguably a Top 10 game of all time; it makes no sense that a game with a resolution that closely mirrors the 240p of the 3DS isn’t available just yet.

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