5 Adventures We Want To See In Hearthstone

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Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is due for another Adventure Mode. Will Blizzard draw from existing Warcraft lore or create their own original story this time around?

It’s been two months since the release of Whispers of the Old Gods and Standard mode, and it has been quite an interesting time in Hearthstone. The dust seems to have finally started to settle, and the Standard meta has (for the most part) stabilized. We have reached the downtime between expansions, and it’s hard to not theorize about what new content Hearthstone is going to receive next. Historically Blizzard has followed an alternating pattern of releasing expansions and adventures. However, with the introduction of the Year of the Kraken and cycling cards, their content release schedule has also been updated.

Blizzard has stated that, for now, “We will see two expansions per year (start and end) and one adventure (middle).” This means that the next content update will be a new Adventure Mode (my personal favorite) that will hopefully be announced within the next month or two. My theory is that both the next adventure and expansion will be released before BlizzCon in November. That way, they can crown the winner of the Hearthstone Championship tournament at BlizzCon the champion of the Year of the Kraken, and the following calendar year will start the next rotating cycle.

The question is, what will be the theme of this adventure? Will Blizzard go back to their roots and utilize old World of Warcraft (WoW) raids? Or will they create something more original, as they did with The League of Explorers and the lore-bending Whispers of the Old Gods? We take a look at our wish list of five ideas for adventures that would be awesome to see in the next Hearthstone Adventure Mode.

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