The 50 Greatest Video Game Villains Of All Time

Credit: Matt Becker (compilation); Capcom, NetherRealm, Nintendo (artwork)
Credit: Matt Becker (compilation); Capcom, NetherRealm, Nintendo (artwork) /
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Undertale Flowey
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Greatest Video Game Villains – #20 Flowey

Game(s): Undertale

Background: Flowey is the first character the player encounters in the indie RPG Undertale and serves as the game’s primary antagonist (depending on the choices the player makes throughout the game, that is). He takes the appearance of a sentient flower, and initially seems friendly and helpful. Flowey provides an introduction to the game’s mechanics, telling you that his bullets are actually “friendliness pellets.” He immediately tries to kill the player, announcing his philosophy of “KILL or BE killed!” Depending on if the player decides to kill or spare creatures encountered throughout the game changes the story line. At the end of the game’s neutral route, Flowey takes on the form of “Photoshop Flowey” for the game’s final boss fight. This intense and challenging bullet-hell fight is complete with frightening aesthetics and music. Flowey breaks the fourth wall during this fight, exiting the game and reloading save files.

Why He’s One Of The Greatest Video Game Villains: The interactions the player has with Flowey drastically change based on the decisions they make through the game, making him one of the most unique bosses on this list. He manipulates not only the main character, but you, the player. Undertale breaks the fourth wall on many occasions, and Flowey directly talks to the player several times. In subsequent runs of the game, and he will even comment on your actions in previous save files. It’s extremely impressive the writing that went into characterizing him as a believable entity, with only the screen itself acting as a barrier between him and the human player. The complexity of the game’s different endings and information you learn about Flowey’s background is entirely too much to delve into here. But his unique and temperamental nature make him a truly unforgettable villain.

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