The 50 Greatest Video Game Villains Of All Time

Credit: Matt Becker (compilation); Capcom, NetherRealm, Nintendo (artwork)
Credit: Matt Becker (compilation); Capcom, NetherRealm, Nintendo (artwork) /
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General RAAM
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Greatest Video Game Villains – #36 General RAAM

Game(s): Gears of War

Background: The reptilian RAAM was once a drone solider in the Locust Horde whose skill, strength, and loyalty earned him promotions to the elite Theron Guard and the eventual head of the Locust military. While not the primary antagonist of the Gears of War series (that title goes to Queen Myrrah), his influence and position of power makes him responsible for millions of deaths in the Locust’s fight to completely wipe out all of humanity. The player encounters General RAAM in the final boss battle of the first Gears of War. His formidable intelligence, fighting prowess, and super human strength make for an intense and challenging battle. It took both Marcus Fenix and Dominic Santiago, an attack helicopter, and numerous turrets to finally take down this monstrosity of a general.

Why He’s One Of The Greatest Video Game Villains: General RAAM is a truly bad ass military villain. He worked his way up through the ranks of the Locust army and is a powerful fighter through and through. Not only does he posses insane strength, but his skill and intellect make him a truly daunting warrior. RAAM handles a mounted machine gun by hand with ease, and often wields a serrated blade to slice down his enemies in melee combat. He is the only known Locust who can control the Kryll, highly aggressive flying monsters that swarm enemies and rip them to shreds. Even though he is not calling always directly the shots, he is the true face of the Locust military who killed millions upon millions, almost completely wiping out humanity. The epic final boss battle against RAAM is what really solidifies his spot as a top villain. Good luck trying to take down this monstrous general on Insane difficulty.

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